Buy and sell car dealers

Buy and sell car dealers

No two negotiations are the same and within the framework of the negotiations there are no fixed answers. There are only basic rules that should be adapted to each circumstance and basic tasks that formulate the limits of hyperbola. The basic wages at negotiation are discussed in another article. The basic rules for negotiations are as follows

Be ready. Do your network.

Identify your goal before time and when you reach it STOP. Many times I have seen lawyers who have won their cases continue to talk until they have spoken to the judge to rule for the other side. During negotiations many retailers who found what they were looking for lost the deal because they tried to sweeten the pot one too many times. Pigs get fat and pigs are slaughtered.

Always keep your goal in mind when negotiating and not getting sidetracks on meaningless questions. The negotiator is not on the negotiating table to win a debate or to teach someone a lesson. The most successful negotiator is not biting. Keep an eye on the monk and not the hole.

Just answer what you ask and only to the extent that you are asked. Do not predict what the other side wants to know. You are not there to educate them or to impress them with your knowledge. For example if you were asked when you were born you do not need volunteer space and shutdown. Its usually what you say not what you hear that hurts you.

Voluntarily not to immediately refrain from written documentation that you have investigated and prepared if the other side will resolve before it is sent later. If something was not originally written for publication always read it with the idea of publishing in mind before releasing it. Do not give away free information.

Do not feel pressed. There is nothing that the other side can do to pamper you into an agreement. If you make a mistake 99.9% of the world will never feel or care.

Do not get emotional if its not an act and then youll only get emotional if youve previously won a prize for Best Acting. The most skilled negotiator never loses control.

Do not be afraid to be self destructive is what takes to get the job done. There is an old story about the fur salesman who came to work one day just to find that during the night the cat had pissed on the coat. Later when a customer tried a kappa she told the seller that the coat smelled like a pee. The seller replied that it was not the coat she smelled; but that a cat had peed on his jacket. Sometimes you have to pee on yourself to get the job done.

Each store has important elements such as offer acceptance consideration and performance have your checklist and be sure to cover all items. Do not go away because you have an agreement when you do not actually. A sale is completed only after the check has been completed and the buyer has legal title on the assets.

Do not make concessions if you have not thought of them because you are away from the negotiating table press. Theres nothing wrong with saying It sounds reasonable let me check one thing. or It sounds reasonable lets take a break for a few minutes and grind it over.

No matter how ridiculous the other partys arguments can be put yourself in their shoes and review them. At best you may think that their arguments are a bit of a merit and in worse cases you better understand what drives the other person.

Always do yourself as a gentleman or a lady. The high mouth dominates the conversation but the gentleman or the lady controls it. The most skilled negotiator is not the high mouth.

When the negotiations are complete and you go home do not be tempted to pat yourself on your back. try to think about what you gave away. Who a dunderhead gets lucky sometimes.

There is nothing that the other person can say that is binding without your consent. Axiom 14 If you hear something scandalous do not attack negotiate.

If you make someone want to do something for you they will help you find a way.

The real buyer calls almost every day. Prospects that create more than two unjustified delays are probably not a real prospect. Do not confuse sincerity with a soft touch.

Negotiations with one prospect at a time are a mistake. Axiom 16 The first real buyer to the table with a contract and a win wins. The real buyer is not always the one who has the highest bidder.

Real buyers have monetary limits for how much money they will commit to a deal. Axiom 17 People who say they have no money limit are almost always not serious buyers.

To succeed keep the initiative. Negotiation is a business not a game. Due diligence is a sign of professionalism not of weakness.

Be careful when finished as you were at the beginning. Many of a race got lost near the finish line.

Take a break during the negotiations and read the rules one to twenty

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